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About Us

Multi Mutual Charity Association (MMCA) mainly provides assistance to poor single parents families with no racial, religious or political agenda. MMCA mainly helps single mothers and the unfortunate who are left out and forgotten in our society. 

Established since 1998, MMCA officially registered as an association in 2004. It currently supports 500 single parent families whose average income is far below the average poverty standard and do not get any form of support from the welfare department. 

Now, MMCA have 60 volunteers that work hard to raise funds from friends and families to support our association. All donations are used to purchase daily necessities for the monthly aid distribution. The monthly aid distribution includes : a bag of rice, cooking oil, food and children necessities.

Besides that, volunteers visit single parent families on monthly basis and provide free tuition to their children regularly. Throughout these years, we managed to support more than 300 single parent families. In addition, we also help poor single mother to find jobs which will allow them to be independent and allow their children to grow up in a good environment. 

Your help and assistance to these unfortunate ones is welcomed and appreciated in our society and your helping hand will be a big encouragement for our volunteers as well. 

Our current target is the hope of continuing to provide aid for 3000 poor families in the next 10 years and as such, apart from increasing the participation of social workers, we also require support and contribution from everyone. We sincerely express our graduate for the contribution and support given by you.

For the sake of the education of children in single parent families, our founder - Mr. Delon Fong, has been interviewed by NTV7 under its "Finding Angel" programme. Through this programme, we hope to urge more capable volunteers to join in as social workers to provide free tuition classes for these unfortunate children.